AnimaShooter Workflow Overview The overall process for creating a movie is described below. You don’t have to do every step, and you might do others that aren’t listed. The real workflow isn’t necessarily linear

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture, AnimaShooter Pioneer

1. Create a new project

To capture frames or create a video in AnimaShooter, you first create a project. To create a project click this button

In the window that appears, type a name for the project in the Name field and click Save. You can change a project's properties at any time. To customize settings for your project, click this button

You can copy or move your project to another computer to continue editing the project or to make a backup.

2. Connect your camera

Plug-in your camera to computer with USB cable.

If you're using AnimaShooter Сapture: switch your camera to Manual (M) mode. Set camera quality setting to L, RAW, RAW+L. Turn camera ON and give AnimaShooter a second or two to discover it.

Once your camera name displayed, press Connect button.

3. Capture frames

Click Capture button to make a shot. Wait until the shooting process completes. You can capture multiple frames at once. Before the capture button locate the drop down panel. Click button with number of frames you want to capture by one press.

4. Test your sequence

Switch to Timing tab to check your animation with Ram-preview feature. Look at the Timeline. Yellow line at the bottom of Timeline marks the range of frames to be played. Set a range of frames to play and press Play button or spacebar to see Ram-preview in action.

5. Create a video

When your project is finished, you can encode a video of various formats. You can export your video files for publishing, sharing, broadcast delivery, further audio mixing or post-production. To further polish your project, you can apply some filters to your sequence or video: adjust contrast and/or saturation, remove noise.

6. Create a sequence

The most common method of exchanging video across editing and compositing programs is a sequence of numbered images. AnimaShooter can export captured frames in form of sequence of JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP images. You can import your image sequence into an editing program of your choice (AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, etc.).

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