Camera Connection Troubleshooting In case you experiencing any issues with AnimaShooter

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture

1. Issue: On pressing Capture button, warning message appears

Possible cause #1

AnimaShooter is unable to process RAW data due to lack of memory available (RAM).

Solution #1

  1. Close AnimaShooter.
  2. Turn camera OFF and disconnect it from the computer.
  3. Turn camera ON and set Image Quality to JPEG L (Large).
  4. Reconnect camera and restart AnimaShooter.

2. Issue: Webcamera connection is unavailable when using AnimaShooter Capture

Possible cause #1

Current capturing source is DSLR.

Solution #1

  1. If connection is enabled, click Disonnect.
  2. Change source to Webcameras: click button with two gears icon.
  3. Click Webcameras button.
  4. Click Connect.

3. Issue: AnimaShooter never detects my camera

Possible cause #1

Computer itself has problems connecting to the camera.

Solution #1

  1. Verify If the computer itself can see the camera. Windows pops up a new device message, once your camera connected. If you see the message, it means that computer itself can see the camera.
  2. Check if Canon EOS Utility can see your camera.
  3. Make sure your camera is supported and listed here .

Possible cause #2

Anti-virus software may block camera detection.

Solution #2

  1. If you have anti-virus software, make sure to white-list AnimaShooter so that it can access your camera. See how to add an exclusion to Windows Defender Antivirus .

Possible cause #3

Another software is connected to the camera (Dropbox may be a client of the camera).

Solution #3

  1. Make sure Dropbox is not a client of the camera.
  2. Close any other applications that might connect to your camera.

Possible cause #4

The power supply to the camera is interrupted.

Solution #4

  1. Power your camera by AC power if possible. If you do use a battery, make sure it is fully charged. If you use AC power, remove the battery.

Possible cause #5

Wi-Fi connection enabled.

Solution #5

  1. Deactivate your camera's Wi-Fi.

Possible cause #6

Poor USB cable connection. Many connectivity issues related to the poor USB cable connection. The most common causes are:

  1. The USB cable is too long.
  2. The USB cable is defective.
  3. The USB port on the computer, hub or camera is damaged.

Solution #6

  1. Use shorter USB cables or use a better USB extension cable.
  2. Try using a different usb cable and port.
  3. Use direct connection to you computer - do not use USB-hub to connect your camera.

4. Issue: The live view is black

Possible cause #1

Usually this is just a matter of camera settings and/or lighting.

Solution #1

  1. Increase the shutter speed (TV) (to at least 1").
  2. Decrease the aperture (AV).
  3. Increase the ISO.
  4. Increase the amount of light in the room.

5. Issue: The program does not start

Possible cause #1

Wacom Tablet driver blocking other programs. It is reported that when Wacom Tablet driver is running, some programs won't launch (AnimaShooter, Telegram, OneDrive, VLC Media Player, XnViewMP and others).

Solution #1

  1. Delete all Wacom drivers.
  2. Windows (10/8/7): Disable Wacom drivers service at startup. Press the Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog, type services.msc, press Enter. Find a Wacom service. Click on Wacom service -> right click -> Stop. Now try to start AnimaShooter again.

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