Keyboard & Keypad Shortcuts|List of the most useful keyboard and keypad shortcuts

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture, AnimaShooter Pioneer, AnimaShooter Junior

Ctrl + D

Duplicate frame

Ctrl + C

Copy frame

Ctrl + V

Paste frame

Ctrl + A

Select all frames


Go to the end of Timeline

Ctrl + S

Save project

Ctrl + O

Open project


Recent projects


Make a shot


Go to the beginning of Timeline

Ctrl + Z

Undo (applicable for the following actions):

  1. Move frame
  2. Mirror frame
  3. Replace frame
  4. Clear frame contents

Ctrl + Y



Switch to maximized UI layout

Ctrl + P

Properties dialog

Control AnimaShooter via Keypad

Use these shortcuts with either your keyboard's right-hand number pad or separate (wired or wireless) numeric keypad.

  1. Enter: Make a shot
  2. Home / Page Up: Go to the beginning of Timeline
  3. End / Page Down:Go to the end of Timeline

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