Offline Activation The Offline Activation Process allows you to activate the software even if your computer is not connected to the Internet, although an Internet connection from another computer will be required to create and receive a License file (the "CDM") for the unconnected computer.

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture, AnimaShooter Pioneer

1. Install AnimaShooter

Install AnimaShooter on unconnected computer and click Click to activate button.

2. Create the pre-License file (.LIC)

Switch to Offline Activation tab. Enter your Activation Code and click Create pre-License LIC file.

3. Send your .LIC file by email

Send your .LIC file to our Support Team by email: It is important that you send your .LIC file from the email address that was used in the ordering process. You will receive a response letter with .CDM file attached.

4. Transfer the .CDM file back to the unconnected computer

In order to activate the software you must take this CDM License file and transfer it to the unconnected computer into the same directory where the .LIC file was located.

5. Restart AnimaShooter

After restart AnimaShooter should be activated and run normally.

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