Offline Activation|The Offline Activation Process allows you to activate the software even if your computer is not connected to the Internet, although an Internet connection from another computer will be required to create and receive a License file (the "CDM") for the unconnected computer.

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture, AnimaShooter Pioneer

1. Create the pre-License file (.LIC)

Install AnimaShooter on unconnected computer. Click Click to activate button and enter your Activation Code.

2. The warning dialog appears

Click OK to close this dialog.

3. Click button with key icon

You'll see the generated pre-License file: AnimaShooterCapture.lic* This file contains information required to create the .CDM license file.

* AnimaShooterPioneer.lic file if you are activating AnimaShooter Pioneer software.

4. Transfer of the .LIC file to a connected computer

Copy AnimaShooterCapture.lic* file to any portable data storage device (USB flash drive, SD card, Micro-SD card) and take it to any another PC with active Internet connection.

*AnimaShooterPioneer.lic file if you are activating AnimaShooter Pioneer software.

5. Create the License file (.CDM) using web-service

Open your favorite web-browser and navigate to:

6. Upload Lic File

Select your .LIC license file and click Upload Lic File.

7. Fill in the Offline Activation Form

Enter password, email and click Activate button.

7. If activation successful the License file should be ready for download

Click Download and save .CDM file.

8. Transfer the .CDM file back to the unconnected computer.

In order to activate the software you must take this CDM License file and transfer it to the unconnected computer into the same directory where the .LIC file was located.

9. Restart AnimaShooter

Close AnimaShooter and then start it again. After restart AnimaShooter should be activated and run normally.

AnimaShooter Tutorials

  • Sequence Export

    Export your frames as a sequence of JPG, PNG, TIFF or WEBP images

  • Import Frames

    Import arbitrary frames or a sequence of frames, using single file name as a mask

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