Quick DSLR Camera Setup

How to make a first shot

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture

1. Plug-in camera

Plug-in camera to computer with USB cable. Power your camera by AC power if possible. If you use a battery, make sure it is fully charged.

2. Set mode to M

Set the Mode dial on top of camera to Manual (M).

3. Turn on camera

Now turn on camera and give AnimaShooter a second or two to discover it.

4. Press Connect button

Once your camera name displayed, press Connect button.

5. Create new project

Click this button to create new project.

6. Make a shot

Click Capture button to make a shot. Wait until the shooting process completes.

7. Done!

 If the exposure doesn't match between the live view and the high-resolution images

Notice, that the live view and high-resolution images are different. Because the live view from the camera uses a different sensor to the main camera sensor. Set up capture settings and take test shots to make sure that your final images will look correct.