Troubleshooting: Liveview Bigger than Captured Images|LiveView size from your camera is far bigger than the captured images

Applicable to: AnimaShooter Capture


LiveView size from your camera is far bigger than the captured images.

Possible cause

AnimaShooter expects to receive images of maximum quality (L or RAW) while your camera produces images of lower size (S, S2 etc.).


Please, set Image Quality to L (Large).

Step 1: Turn camera OFF

Turn camera OFF and disconnect it from the computer.

Step 2: Set Quality to L

Turn camera ON and set Quality setting to L (Large).

Step 3: Reconnect

Reconnect your camera to the computer and click Connect button.

Step 4: Make a shot

Make a shot by clicking Capture button.

AnimaShooter Tutorials

  • Sequence Export

    Export your frames as a sequence of JPG, PNG, TIFF or WEBP images

  • Import Frames

    Import arbitrary frames or a sequence of frames, using single file name as a mask

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